From The Happy Couples


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Angela & Chris

My husband and I chose to get married in our backyard, on a warm August evening in Southern California. We wanted cozy. We wanted meaningful. And we wanted to honor the marriage, instead of getting wrapped up in the wedding. Neither of us are traditionally religious people, however, our relationship is the most sacred thing in our lives. We wanted someone to marry us who would reflect that in the ceremony. Tony was the best choice we ever made. In a world that moves too fast, and wedding days that can often come and go in a blink of an eye, Tony began our ceremony by asking us to close our eyes and breathe. Still, right now as I write this, I can remember taking that pause. For those few moments, all I could hear were birds and a soft breeze, and all I could feel was my soon-to-be-husband's hands in mine. And that was all I needed. He brought a sense of magic to our ceremony. He somehow weaved traditional vows with non-traditional moments. Most of all, though, he listened to us. The ceremony was perfect because he took the time to ask us what we wanted. He is not a one-size-fits-all personality. He connects quickly, wears his heart on his sleeve, and takes enormous pride in creating moments. You will not regret, for a second, hiring Tony to officiate your wedding. He will create moments, and so much more. Honor your love and your day by hiring someone who will tailor it to you and your beloved.

Nicole & Perry

Fifteen years ago, my soon to be husband and I decided to make it official.  Looking back on our wedding, there were, of course, so many things I might now choose to do differently.  But one of the best decisions we made was choosing Tony as our officiant.  He is not only a wonderful human being, but Tony took the time and effort to make our special day extra special.  Whether it was that boost of confidence when we were nervous, or the easy way he could make you laugh when things were not going exactly to plan, Tony wasn't just the guy in the front of the room, but was an intricate part of our day.  So after 15 years, maybe my dress wasn't the best choice, but Tony absolutely is.

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Chelsea & Aldo 

Having Tony in our lives on a personal level has always been a blessing, but getting to work with him for our wedding was such a special time for us.  Tony is funny, honest, intuitive, warm, and has a beautiful soul that shines through in all things he does; this is literally the perfect job for him.  

One of my favorite characteristics of Tony is his sense of humor.  Tony has the sense of humor that is entirely unique, yet somehow also is completely in tune with everyone he meets.  This was an important element for our wedding--we wanted it to be silly and sweet, and Tony did a great job of incorporating humor that everyone could appreciate.  Our ceremony went from laughter to tears and back to laughter, and I can't imagine anyone else pulling that off so smoothly. 

Tony worked tirelessly to make sure we were happy with all elements of our ceremony, yet still managed to sneak some sweet surprises in to make our day very memorable.  He was able to command the audience gracefully, while simultaneously providing a gentle calm to us during such a stressful and chaotic day.  Having him as our ringleader, confidant, and friend truly made our wedding ceremony special and run without a hitch.

Planning a wedding is hard. There are so many choices and decisions to make.  Let me take one off your plate--don't look any further.  Tony is your guy.